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Estrella Acosta

Estrella Acosta, de zangeres van Estrella's Guajira
Estrella Acosta, de zangeres van Estrella's Guajira

(Cuba, Matanzas) sings age-old traditionals in an ode to her motherland. With her supple voice she immediately takes the listener along on a journey, back to Cuba, where, in the village of San José de los Ramos two singers have a musical discussion in the guajira musical style 'controversia'. In these improvisations lie the foundations of Estrella's Cuban jazz. 'During parties relatives and friends came together to sing, dance and eat. Many stories were told in the form of poems and put to music on the spot, that's why they're so spontaneous and improvisatory in character.' The 'música guajira or 'música campesina' represents a lot. It is a melting pot of styles, from across the Canary Islands, Africa and Europe, with characteristic melodious swings, poetic texts and the central role for the guitar as rhythmic instrument. With drummer Armando Vital, on bass Pedro Luis Pardo, guitarist Carlos Irarragorri and pianist and arranger Marc Bischoff.

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  • Winternachten 2007 – WINTERNACHT 1

    Estrella Acosta - Cuban dance music

    Imagine yourself in Cuba on the dancefloor with singer Estrella Acosta and her six band members. They played "musica campesina", music originating from rural parties, where peope sang and ate, and especially danced a lot.