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Erik Menkveld

Erik Menkveld - foto Poëziefestival
Erik Menkveld - foto Poëziefestival

(Eindhoven, 1959 - Amsterdam 2014) in 1997 made his debut with his collection of poems De karpersimulator (The carp simulator) , published by De Bezige Bij. This was crowned in 1998 with the C.Buddingh award for the best Dutch language debut and also awarded the Van der Hoogt prize. In the same year his poetry collection was nominated for the VSP Poetry award. Erik Menkveld's new work appeared in magazines such as Raster, De Revisor and De Gids. In the beginning of 2001 his second collection of poems Schapen nu! (Sheep now!) was published. He died in march 2014.

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