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Erik Kriek

Erik Kriek - foto Ineke Oostveen
Erik Kriek - foto Ineke Oostveen

(The Netherlands, 1966) is an internationally feted comic artist, graphic novelist and illustrator. His comic series about the anti-superhero Gutsman ("Masked Defender of Male Inadequacy") and Gutsman's dfficult relationship with his sexy lover Tigra and her parents gained him fame and cult status. He is in demand as an illustrator and provides artwork for almost any kind of printable material: from skateboards, posters, CD and LP covers and sneakers to books, newspapers and magazines. Kriek's most recent publications include comic versions of the SF and horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft; a comic version of five "murder ballads" (In the Pines, 2016); and the graphic novels De balling (The Exile, 2019) en De kuil (The Pit, 2023).


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  • Writers Unlimited 2024

    Comics and Graphic Novels with Erik Kriek and Mark Verdult in Bibliotheek Schilderswijk

    With: Erik Kriek, Mark Verdult

    Heads up, comic and graphic-novel fans! Come by the Bibliotheek Schilderswijk (free entry) on Friday afternoon, 19 January, and meet one of the most famous Dutch graphic-novel authors Erik Kriek and his Hague colleague Mark Verdult.

    Both artists talk about their work, present examples and answer your questions. Building on the festival theme Human Voices, they show how to express the human voice through images and illustrations, as well as how to depict emotions, contact with others or even loneliness. Host is Xander Kowollik, acting librarian of the Schilderswijk Bibliotheek.

    Some (budding) comics artists grabbed their chance and showed some of their works to Erik, Mark and the visitors. They did so after registering beforehand by email to the Bibliotheek Schilderswijk.

    Erik Kriek is an internationally famous illustrator and comic artist. He became well-known through his "superhero" Gutsman. He creates illustrations for international publications including the Boston Globe, Weltwoche, De Volkskrant, NRC, VPRO Gids and the comic magazine Zone5300, and designs album covers, posters and skateboards. His interpretation of the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, Het onzienbare en andere verhalen (The Unseen and Other Tales), has been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, German, Serbian and Swedish.

    De Kuil (The Pit), Kriek's latest one-shot, is a masterfully told and drawn horror story that, for once, takes place neither in the forests of North America (In the Pines) nor in the hills of medieval Iceland (De Balling; The Exile), but simply on the Veluwe in The Netherlands. The book was published in a 132-page hardcover with a linen spine, and also as a deluxe edition with an additional 12-page section, with a faux-leather cover and a signed print.

    Mark Verdult is an illustrator working and living in The Hague. He also works at the Huis van Betekenis in Utrecht, a community and collective for illustration and graphic design. He creates storytelling illustrations for picture books, graphic novels and comics, with a penchant for portraying characters (poses, expression of emotion, interaction) as a starting point for his narrative work.

    One of his published series is Red Wanderer, a graphic novel about a lady named Red who, guided by a supernatural map, makes an important journey in which she must independently face her struggles, dilemmas and limits.

    Festival tip: Kriek also appeared on Friday, 19 January 2024 at Friday Night Unlimited, the grand festival event during which you chose your own route along some twenty programmes on five stages at the Theater aan het Spui and the Filmhuis Den Haag. He spoke about his favourite book in The Book of My Life.

    From 18 to 21 January 2024, the festival could be found in theatres, libraries and schools throughout The Hague: from Theater aan het Spui, Filmhuis Den Haag, Koninklijke Schouwburg and Paard to Theater Dakota, the Laakkwartier, Nieuw Waldeck, Schilderswijk and Ypenburg libraries and Haagse Hogeschool. With over ninety writers, poets and spoken-word artists and musicians from the Netherlands and abroad. With readings, prose, poetry, storytelling, spoken word, author interviews, topical talks, films and music.

  • Writers Unlimited 2024 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Book of My Life with Erik Kriek

    Writers tell us about their favourite book: the book that inspires or touches them, that set their artistic, moral or intellectual compass. In short, the book they would recommend to everyone. Interview: Abdelkader Benali.

    Eric Kriek chose as his favorite Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West (185) by Cormac McCarthy, a novel in which he tells about historic and violent events taking place in Texas on the border between the US and Mexico.