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Elsbeth Vernout

Elsbeth Vernout - foto (detail) Joseph Kakasina
Elsbeth Vernout - foto (detail) Joseph Kakasina

(Odijk, NL 1971) is a theatre maker, actress and founder of Stichting Castel Bianco, a platform for the realisation of musical theatre productions ( In her work she combines the three subjects she graduated in: theatre (Theaterschool Selma Susanna-Thopss), journalism (School voor Journalistiek, Zwolle), and anthropology (University of Amsterdam). In her werk she departs from personal and current themes. Thus in her solo performance Deze en Genen (Somebody or Others) she goes in search of her Dutch East Indies' roots. Her musical theatre production Gegijzeld (Taken Hostage) is about the occupation of a school in the Dutch town of Bovensmilde in the 1970s, in which her sister was among the hijacked children. Right now she is working with Frits Lambrechts and others on a musical performance about the city of Amsterdam. In addition she writes theatre texts and lyrics, teaches cabaret and writing for the theatre and writes poems and presentation texts for television.

(WU 2013 GR)

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  • Winternachten 2013 – Winternacht 1 - schrijvers, muziek en film op vijf podia

    The Silence of the Dutch East Indies? - Forget it!

    There are many beautiful yet painful stories in Moluccan and East Indies families! With the last generations having experienced 'the Dutch East Indies' these stories are doomed to become extinct. Theatre maker Elsbeth Vernout, video artist Martijn Grootendorst and communications specialist Wendy Ripassa won't let that happen! Old or young: Bring an object representing your ties with the Dutch East Indies, tell a short story or an anecdote in front of the camera in the cupboard and who knows that story will become part of the theatre performance in May 2013 at the Tong Tong Fair! Apply through the facebook pages of Indisch Zwijgen, via or on the evening itself. In Dutch.