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Dorit Rabinyan

Dorit Rabinyan, zwart/wit - foto Sharon Deri
Dorit Rabinyan, zwart/wit - foto Sharon Deri

(Israel, 1972) is an Israeli writer from a Jewish-Iranian family. Besides being a successful novelist, she writes poetry, created a children's book, and works as a presenter and scriptwriter for TV. Her third novel Grensleven (Border Life), which came out in the Netherlands in 2016, caused great controversy in Israel. A commission wanted to place the award-winning book about the love affair of a Jewish woman and a Palestinian man on Israeli high-school reading lists. But the Israeli Ministry of education prevented it because they felt it would encourage intercultural marriage. One year later, it was put on the list after all and has since become a best-seller. Her first two novels have also been published in Dutch: 1995's Perzische bruiden (Persian Brides) and 1999's Onze bruiloften (Our Weddings).

(WU 2017)

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    The Book of My Life: Dorit Rabinyan

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    In Search of the Real (Love) - Dorit Rabinyan about her novel Border Life and the film Anomalisa

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