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Dolce Música

Dolce Música - Jennifer Williams
Dolce Música - Jennifer Williams

is a group of musicians who can change their set-up depending on what is requested or offered. For the literary festival Winternachten/Krusa Laman in Curaçao, the group will consist of four women who will present classical Antillean music. Ilja Hunang-de Bell has finished the conservatory for piano at the Twents Conservatorium in the Netherlands. Martha van Bergen started playing the violin when she was nine years old and continued taking music lessons during her study in the Netherlands. From the age of eleven, Elaine Marchena has been playing the violin and kept taking music lessons. After that she continued playing in various classical orchestras and jazz, salsa and mariachi bands. Judy Sprock is an all-round musician. She can play different kinds of instruments, such as the oboe and the flute. For this occasion she will accompany the trio of piano and violins on the flute.

(WIN 2010)

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