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DJ mps PILOT - foto Hans van der Woerd
DJ mps PILOT - foto Hans van der Woerd

(Beek, NL 1968) a.k.a. Horst Timmers studied musicology in Amsterdam and became fascinated by world music during lectures in ethno-musicology. Since 2002 mps PILOT has been one of the Netherlands' best known Tropical/World DJs and producers. Due to his interest in groundbreaking dance, his many travels through Europe, West Africa, the Middle East and Asia mps PILOT plunged deep into contemporary global music. In all possible directions and between all kinds of different modern genres there is cross-fertilisation and split-offs, which he charts. He performed in many well-known clubs such as Paradiso and the Melkweg and at festivals like Mysteryland, Dancevalley, Oerol, Lowlands, North Sea Jazz and the Flemish Sfinks. His travels as a DJ took him among others to Le Festival au Desert in Mali, Les Nuits Atypiques de Koudougou in Burkina Faso, the Jaipur Festival in Rajasthan and Sziget in Hungary.

(WU 2014 GR)

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  • Winternachten 2014 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Saturday Night Wintercafé

    The Wintercafé is the meeting point of the festival. Here writers and audiences meet. Master of ceremonies Francis Broekhuijsen keeps you abreast of the goings-on in the various theatre rooms. Meanwhile in the Wintercafé: snacks and drinks and Paagman bookshop sell their books. DJ mps PILOT plays his music.

  • Winternachten 2014 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Dancing into the night with DJ mps PILOT

    At the end of the evening we dance into the night in the foyer of the theatre, spurred on by DJ mps PILOT.

  • Winternachten 2009 – Winternachten vrijdagavond

    Foyer: Books, Art and Music

    Flamenco, Balkan beats, fullcream Afro-sounds and eastern sounds: DJ mps PILOT was weaving an inimitable musical worldwideweb.

    Also in the foyer: artistic fake by thirdyear students of the Royal Arts Academy in The Hague, book stalls, autographing writers, drinks and (fake) snacks.