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DJ Miss World

DJ Miss World - foto DJ Miss World
DJ Miss World - foto DJ Miss World

(alias Margreet Stol) was percussionist with a penchant for funky ethnic music before taking place behind the turntable in 2005, in Bar en Boos in Leyden. Since then she has been touring the entire country with her swinging mix of sounds from all over the world, from Afro, Balkan and Bollywood to Arabic, Latin and Ska. To make these musical styles accessible to a wider audience, she lavishes everything in a tasty western dance sauce. DJ Miss World has her own weekly radio show with the Amsterdam Concertzender, where she plays world dance for an hour. She performs solo and together with DJ PolyEsta.


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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 1

    Foyerprogramma: music by DJ Miss World - booksigning sessions in the bookshop

    For DJ Miss World it's not about outer beauty but about inspiring music. She travels the world to pick up beats and grooves from all four corners and work them in her sets. The result is a mix of ethnic, traditional music and western dance beats.

    21.05 - 21.25 Naima Albdioun, Ali Amazigh and Tash Aw
    22.05 - 22.25 Bas Heijne and Tarun Tejpal
    23.05 - 23.25 Xue Xinran
    23.55 - 00.20 Saskia de Coster and Shahriar Mandanipour