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Corina Duijndam

Corina Duijndam - foto Lionne Hietberg
Corina Duijndam - foto Lionne Hietberg

1983, Ter Aar, NL) is a sociologist, lecturer, researcher and essayist. She spent a large part of her adult life living and working amid Muslim youth in so-called underprivileged neighbourhoods. She participated in all kinds of social projects, such as homework assistance and cultural afternoons, and gave English lessons. She recorded her experiences in Amsterdam and Paris in De gekleurde werkelijkheid (Coloured Reality). She ended up a "foreigner" in a Parisian banlieue and shared a flat with an African youth, Oneboy. After that she lived in Osdorp. Currently, she has been contracted by the City of The Hague to research the level of trust that youth in the Schilderswijk (an immigrant area) have in the police. For the VU, she is studing the interaction between radical Islam and anti-Islam groups. Her research shows that Dutch group dynamics are much more determined by ethnicity and religion than in France, and that groups hold strong prejudices about one another.

(WU 2017)

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  • Winternachten 2017 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    The Tale of Two Cities

    Four writers, eight cities. In The tale of Two Cities, writers for whom "the city" has more than one face have their say. Dutch sociologist Corina Duijndam lived among disadvantaged youth in the suburbs of Paris and Amsterdam; Ibrahim Piotr Kalwas knows his birth city Warsaw like the back of his hand and his chosen home of Alexandria (Egypt) like the back of his other hand; Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer once swore by Leiden but is now stuck on Genoa (Italy); and Israel's Dorit Rabinyan jumps back and forth between New York, Tel Aviv (Israel) and Ramallah (Palestine) in her novel about impossible love between an Israeli and a Palestinian. Moderator: Christine Otten.