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Clarice Gargard

Clarice Gargard - foto Sharon Jane D
Clarice Gargard - foto Sharon Jane D

(USA, 1988) is a journalist, columnist, programmer, author and social advocate. She is currently working as Correspondent Resistance and NRC columnist. She is committed to community and intersectional feminism, criticizes power structures and addresses inequality. As the Dutch UN women's representative, she advocates women's rights and the importance of systemic change in 2019 at the UN General Assembly. The short documentary Daddy and the Warlord (director: Shamira Raphaela), about her father and the Liberian civil wars, won a Golden Calf in 2019. In her book Drakendochter (Dragon's Daughter, 2019) she elaborates on her family history, migration and politics. She also won a Black Achievement Award and, in 2018 and 2019, Gargard was nominated for the Joke Smit Encouragement Prize. Together with Hasna El Maroudi, Gargard is the founder of the feminist multimedia platform and zine Lilith.

(WN 2020)

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  • Winternachten 2020

    VPRO OVT Live

    With: Anneloes Timmerije, Clarice Gargard, Dido Michielsen, Ellen Deckwitz, Jos Palm, Liesbeth Zegveld, Nelleke Noordervliet, Paul van der Gaag, Reggie Baay, Robin Block, Stefan Hertmans

    Every Sunday morning, the topicality of history is the focus of one of the most popular radio programs in the Netherlands. On Sunday morning, 19 January 2020, OVT will be broadcast live from Writers Unlimited festival in Theater aan het Spui. You can listen to and watch discussions, interviews and stories by festival authors and others. Hosts: Paul van der Gaag and Jos Palm. Program in Dutch.

  • Winternachten 2020

    NRC Live Reading Club

    With: Clarice Gargard, Ellen Deckwitz, Michel Krielaars

    The NRC Live Reading Club is a festival tradition. The panel featured two NRC columnists, the poet Ellen Deckwitz and the journalist Clarice Gargard, who discussed Hella Haasse's Oeroeg (1948) with the help of moderator and NRC Editor-in-Chief of Books Michel Krielaars. They came up with new arguments for reading this classic - for new readers or those already familiar with the novella.

    Oeroeg is a novella by the Dutch writer Hella S. Haasse (1918-2011) which was first published in 1948. It first appeared as the national Book Week present and became an important work in Dutch literature. It has been reprinted and translated many times. Haasse found inspiration in her own longing for the Dutch East Indies, where she was born and spent a large part of her youth. The Dutch first-person narrator recalls his friendship with a boy named Oeroeg. As boys there were inseparable, but due to their differences, including above all their nationalities, they grew apart. As adults they face each other as colonial overseer and freedom fighter.

    Hella Haasse's Indonesian novels are about the former Dutch colony of the Dutch East Indies. Oeroeg was the first and Sleuteloog (2008) the last. One of the common themes is colonialism, especially the relationship between the Netherlands and its former colony, the Dutch East Indies. Colonial issues come to the forefront in Oeroeg.