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Clara Reyes

Clara Reyes - foto House of Nehesi Publishers
Clara Reyes - foto House of Nehesi Publishers

MFA (SUNY College at Brockport) is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She is the founder of the Imbali Center for Creative Movement, where she teaches dance and "the philosophy and love for dance." Her master's thesis is the first study of the Ponum, St. Martin's national dance. Reyes choreographed the national dance for the Ponum documentary film, which is still in production at House of Nehesi Publishers. Her staged works include Emancipation, In the Company of Women dance-theater (2003), Ponum the Musical – St. Martin's Dance of Liberation (2003), and St. Martin Is My Home (2006). Reyes is a recipient of the Conscious Lyrics Foundation "Personality of the Year Award" and a teacher at the St. Maarten Academy. In 2004, the John Larmonie Center for Creative Arts named one of its dance halls in honor of this first lady of St. Martin dance. (© 2006 by House of Nehesi Publishers)

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