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Chirikure Chirikure

Chirikure Chirikure - foto Pieter van der Meer
Chirikure Chirikure - foto Pieter van der Meer

(Zimbabwe, 1962) graduated from the University of Zimbabwe and is a honorary fellow at the University of Iowa. In 1989 he published his first collection of poems Rukuvhute, which in 1990 received an honourable mention at the Noma Awards. His other collections of poems are Champupuri (1994) and Hakurarwi, We Shall not Sleep (1998). He is known as one of the most talented performing poets and storytellers of Zimbabwe. Further more he has also written several children's books. Chirikure Chirikure reads his poetry in Shona and English and most of the time performs together with his band DeteMbira. Backed by this group he made the CD Napukeni. He has worked as a publisher for quite some time and is now a consultant in Harare. Chirikure Chirikure assists in the editing of the Zimbabwean part of the Poetry International Web.
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