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Charles Lewinsky

Charles Lewinsky
Charles Lewinsky

(1946) lives in Zürich and France. For years he worked as a dramaturg, theatre director and editor. He writers novels, plays and television scripts. His books were translated into French, English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Danish and Dutch. For the novel Melnitz, he was awarded in France the Prix du meilleur livre étranger. For his novel Johannistag he received the award of the Swiss Schiller Foundation. In October 2012 Gerron was published. It is the partly historical, partly fictional story of the Jewish actor, entertainer and theatre director Kurt Gerron, who was famous in Berlin in the twenties and thirties.

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  • Charles Lewinsky en Ad van Liempt

    Charles Lewinsky and Ad van Liempt

    With: Ad van Liempt, Charles Lewinsky

    An evening on resistance and treason in World War II. In his latest novel Charles Lewinsky writers about the dilemma of the jewish actor and director Kurt Gerron. In Theresienstadt the SS asks him to make a movie in which the humiliating life in the ghetto is represented as a paradise. To refuse would mean a transport to Auschwitz. To cooperate would be self-betrayal.

    In his latest book 'The hunt on the resistance', the Dutch journalist Ad van Liempt describes how the Germans suppressed the Dutch underground resistance, with help of Dutch countrymen.

    The two authors will talke to writer Judith Uyterlinde on treason and resistance..

    At the end of the evening the writers will sign their books at the Paagman Bookshop in the venue. The conversation is in English.

    Sponsored by Fonds 1818, Uitgeverij Signatuur and Uitgeverij Balans.