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Catherine van Campen

(1970) makes radio and television programmes about subjects that touch her personally. Such as Drona & ik (Drona & Me), a film portrait of a nine year old autistic boy, seen through the eyes of his elder brother of twelve. Often children play a role in her work. Van Campen succeeds in building a lot of tension, as she did in Van de Wolven. Tsjetsjeens fotoalbum in geluid (Of Wolves, Chechnian Photo Album in Sound) in which a sniper keeps aiming his gun at a mother and child for a long time. The director likes to shift her boundaries, but sometimes chooses subjects which are very close to herself. An example of this is Terreur in de kerk (Terror in the Church) on the intricacies in a monastery where he father retires for a while. With Eeuwige Moes (Eternal Mash), a portrait of a Dutch vegetable grower who decides to emigrate to Sweden internationally had a lot of success. Van Campen studied history and worked for several Dutch networks duch as NMO, NPS, Radio Noord-Holland and VPRO. Since 2003 she has been part of Desmet, a radio collective founded by herself, among others. Her work has received various prizes at home and abroad.

(nov 2010)

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