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is a group from The Hague, led by Virginia Prade and Shirley Seymonson, that performs cultural and traditional Afro-Surinamese song and dance. Examples are the "Lobie Singi," love songs and songs from the time of slavery and afterwards. The women dance the "Kamalang," the "Kawina" and, when necessary, the "Kaseko Prisirie." Kawina music was brought to Suriname from Africa in the slave era, and involves only vocals and percussion. Bromelia performs at birthdays, for companies, and at various theatrical venues in the region.

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  • Winternachten 2015

    Tutuba - A Meet & Greet with Cynthia McLeod

    With: Bromelia, Cynthia Mc Leod, Nolly Kawina

    An Afro-Surinamese afternoon at the Vaillant Theatre in the heart of The Hague's Schilderswijk neighbourhood. Writer Cynthia McLeod takes you into the history of Suriname and the Netherlands, to the 1737 disaster of the slave ship Leusden. She reads from her novel Tutuba, which tells the story of the girl who survived. You will have every opportunity to talk to the writer. Of course there will also be singing and dancing and tasty Afro-Surinamese food.

    This programme has been put together by Ricardo Lemmer of the Mosaic Foundation in collaboration with the Vaillant Theatre and Writers Unlimited.