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Belinda de Veer

Belinda de Veer
Belinda de Veer

(Aruba 1960) lived and studied 7 years in the USA where she obtained a Doctor's degree in pharmacy. She then returned to live and work in Aruba. She has followed classes in visual art, writing and music since childhood. From 1989 till 1993 she followed workshops at "Ateliers 89" given by well-known artists from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She now works on her artworks in her Atelier at her house.
Belinda typically combines her visual arts - painting, installations – with writings. Usually short poems in her native language Papiamento. She has often said that in her art "it is not about the painting, it's about the writing".

(WIN 2010)

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  • Antillen/Suriname 2010

    Crusa Lama - Aruba

    With: Anthony Gario & Le Groove, Bas Heijne, Belinda de Veer, Bernice Chauly, Caresse Isings, Iman Humaydan, Luciano Milliard, Victor Mathilda, Yasmine Allas

    Crusa Lama - Papiamento for Crossing the Seas - brings a programme with foreign and Aruban authors and musicians. Belinda de Veer, Luciano Milliard en Caresse Isings - all from Aruba - perform together with the authors who have come to Aruba on behalf of Winternachten international literature festival The Hauge: Bernice Chauly (Malaysia), Bas Heijne (Netherlands), Yasmine Allas (Netherlands/Somalia) and Iman Humaydan (Lebanon). The programme consists of readings by the authors, a conversation with the writers on the theme 'A Sense of Belonging', and musical perormances by Le Groove, with singer Anthony Gario. The programme has been made by the Bibliotéca Nacional (National Library) of Aruba.

    The authors also perform for students, on Monday 19 April, at the Colegio EPI. Here they will read from their work, and have a discussion with the students, moderated by Victor Mathilda and Pancho Geerman.

    The programme starts at 7 p.m. on Sunday 18 April. Admission AFL 5,-. Adress: Hardin Arubiana/Caribiana, Bachstraat # 5, Oranjestad. Information at 00 297 582 1580 or 582 6924,