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Bart Luirink

Bart Luirink
Bart Luirink

(1954) was born and raised in Amsterdam. From 1993 to 2011 he lived and worked in Johannesburg. He was a correspondent for Dutch radio, newspapers and magazines. Since 2004 Luirink has been editor in chief of ZAM Magazine, an independent platform of African journalists and photographers, artists and thinkers. He is the president of Africa in the Picture, a multimedia platform for African film and organiser of an annual festival. He published Zingende Pijnbomen, a chronicle of Amsterdam, South-Africa (1996), Moffies, gay life in Southern Africa (1998), Voor Mandela, footnotes and stories for his 90th birthday (ed., 2008) and Puur Goud, other stories from South-Africa (2010). He now works on a book on homosexuality in Africa. For this he interviewed more than fourty religious leaders, politicians, judges, scientists, artists and activists, including archbishop Tutu.


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  • Zuid-Afrika - Etienne van Heerden in gesprek met Bart Luirink

    South-Africa: Writer Etienne van Heerden and Bart Luirink

    With: Bart Luirink, Etienne van Heerden, Jeroen van Kan

    Etienne van Heerden is one of the most wellknown writers from South Africa. Recently he published the novel 30 Nagte in Amsterdam (30 Nights in Amsterdam) in Dutch translation. He talked to Bart Luirink, editor in chief of ZAM Africa Magazine and former coordinator of the Anti Apartheid Movement in The Netherlands. Moderated by Jeroen van kan (VPRO Radio - 'De Avonden'). Van Heerden's novel is set in Amsterdam, and deals - amongst other things - with the darker sides of the Dutch resistance against apartheid in South Africa.