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Baraná - foto Serge Ligtenberg 2005
Baraná - foto Serge Ligtenberg 2005

Baraná is Turkish for 'coming together, playing together'. Baraná was created by Behsat Üvez and Steven Kamperman. Singer and multi instrumentalist Behsat Üvez manifests himself as a flexible improvisator and a virtuose instrumentalist in many innovatory projects. Composer/clarinettist Steven Kamperman is rooted in the Western improvised music, but is also inspired by Mediterranean music.They complement one another in a breathtakingly tight musical combination which does their name proud. In the Baraná trio they are supported by the virtuose accordeon player Bart Lelivelt.

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  • Winternachten 2005 – WINTERNACHT 1

    Baraná: musical meeting Turkey - The Netherlands

    Turkey and the Netherlands come together musically as the trio Baraná. This includes singer and multi instrumentalist Behsat Üvez, a versatile improviser, instrumentalist, composer and clarinettist Steven Kamperman, rooted in Western improvised music, and the virtuose accordionist Bart Lelivelt.