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Balout Khazraei

Balout Khazraei
Balout Khazraei

grew up in an artistic family in Iran and learned early on to express herself in musical and artistic language. In Iran she studied classical Persian music, and in the Netherlands at the Art Academy and later Pabo. Her working method emphasizes creating space for creative and artistic communication between people and cultures. With much enthusiasm, she teaches Dutch to refugees at the Hamrah Institute in Rotterdam. In recent years she has organized various cultural and culinary festivals. As a curator she has worked on exhibitions by refugees. Her most recent exhibition about and with refugees, their art and way of thinking at SeedZ-Rotterdam was opened in 2016 by Mayor Ahmen Aboutaleb.

(WU 2017)

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  • Winternachten 2019 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Living forever: eternal desire

    Adam Zagajewski, eminent poet and essayist from Poland, opened Friday Night Unlimited by reading from his work. Subsequently Ramayana expert Arshia Sattar (India) and Dutch writer and philosopher Joke Hermsen spoke about the desire to live longer. Sattar translated and rewrote the ancient story cycle about the mythical struggle of Prince Rama to win back his beloved Sita from the hands of the demonic King Ravana. In her book Stilling Time, Hermsen argues for a slow future in which waiting, restfulness and bordom have their place; in her essay Melancholie van de onrust (Melancholy of Unrest), she elaborates on the blessings of melancholy, among others as source of creativity. With classical Persian music and poetry performed by Balout Khazraei. Fouad Laroui, writer and professor French language and Arabic cultures at the University of Amsterdam, hosted the conversation.

  • Winternachten 2017 – Door het Noordeinde: verhalen van achter de façades

    Through the Noordeinde: De Filosoof

    Wineshop De Filosoof at Papestraat 5 in The Hague is the place where wine, philosophy and poetry embrace. You will not only find a wide range of wines on the premises, but also a gathering every two weeks, featuring a prominent philosopher or poet, at which discuss the sense and senselessness of life. The basement under the shop has been specially rebuilt as a small agora, where thoughts can be exchanged in good company with a glass of wine. Attendance at the gatherings is free.