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Astrid Lampe

Astrid Lampe - foto Koos Breukel
Astrid Lampe - foto Koos Breukel

(The Netherlands, 1955) is a poet. She started out as an actress but wanted to write, which resulted in the theatrical dialogue Strikken. She debuted in 1997 with the poetry volume Rib. In the meantime, she has published thirteen collections, including Zusterstad 2.0 (Sister City 2.0, 2018) en Tulpenwodka (Tulip Vodka, 2021). She flouts existing poetic conventions in her work, omitting punctuation, leaving words unfinished and switching between idioms. When it comes to her unorthodox approach, Lampe relates most closely to visual artists. She received the Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize for her anthology Spuit je ralkleur (2005). Lampe regularly performs and supervises students of the Image and Language Department of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She wins the P.C. Hooft Prize for poetry in 2024; the jury states she is 'one of the most idiosyncratic and generous poets of our time.'


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  • Writers Unlimited 2024 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    Garbage In, Garbage Out: Poetry event

    Is the lyrical voice a chatbot confidently making statements based on an outdated dataset?

    Maarten van der Graaff, who curated Garbage In, Garbage Out, asked these poets to listen carefully to chatbots skimming the Internet to answer our questions. What does the tone of chatbots forging all that information into sentences mean for poetry?

    What is the role of the body in writing, reading and listening to poetry? Who or what do you actually hear when listening to a poem: an intimate voice, or a cacophony? Can the poem be a garbage collector?

    Garbage In, Garbage Out is an event featuring both formerly published poetry as well as work newly written for the occasion by and with Ronelda Kamfer, Simone Atangana Bekono, Astrid Lampe, Dewi de Nijs Bik and (via a previously recorded video presentation) Zheng Xiaoqiong.

  • Writers Unlimited 2024 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    Book of My Life with Astrid Lampe

    Writers tell us about their favourite book: the book that inspires or touches them, that set their artistic, moral or intellectual compass. In short, the book they would recommend to everyone. Interview: Hassnae Bouazza.

    Astrid Lampe chose How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy (2019) by Jenny Odell as her favorite.

  • Winternachten 2004 – WINTERNACHT 2

    The seers - poetic visions

    Climbers of mount Olympus, romantic idealists, Doktor Spocks and bungyjumpers to hell, write themselves a poetic road to the future. Four poets and their vision: Pieter Boskma, Ruben of Gogh, Astrid Lampe and Christine Otten were commissioned by Winternachten to write a visionary poem. They recite their poems and discuss it with Joris van Casteren. Christine Otten is accompanied by saxophone player Jan Klug.