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Ariejan Korteweg

Ariejan Korteweg - foto Corbino
Ariejan Korteweg - foto Corbino

(parlementary editor at the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant) until 2013 was a correspondent in France. He lived in Paris with his family for six years, an learned to know the whole country. He described his experiences in France in the book Surplace, where tries to catch the French soul: from culture to geography, from politics to history.

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  • Een avond met Laurent Binet and Ariejan Korteweg

    An evening with Laurent Binet and Ariejan Korteweg

    With: Ariejan Korteweg, Laurent Binet

    Francophile Ariejan Korteweg will be talking to French writers Laurent Binet, noted writer of the debut novel HhhH about the Nazi leader Heydrich. During this interview, he will also be talking about his latest book, Rien ne se passe comme prévu (Nothing goes as planned), in which he closely follows François Hollande during his campaign for the presidency.

    In English. Afterwards Laurent Binet and Ariejan Korteweg will sign their books at the Paagman Bookshop in the hall.