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Anneloes Timmerije

Anneloes Timmerije - foto Esther Hessing
Anneloes Timmerije - foto Esther Hessing

(Amsterdam, 1955) is a journalist and author of literary and historical non-fiction. In 2005 she made her fiction debut with the collection of short stories Zwartzuur (Black Acid), which received good reviews and was the winner of the Vrouw&Kultuur Debuutprijs 2006. This success was followed by Timmerijes first novel De grote Joseph (The Great Joseph, 2010). She also published Slaapwandelen bij daglicht (Sleepwalking in daylight), Indisch zwijgen (I2013) and, together with Charles den Tex, Het vergeten verhaal van een unshakeable liefde in oorlogstijd (Finding Her, 2014). Her historical novel De mannen van Maria (Maria's Men, 2019) tells about a young woman married off in 1625 to the Dutch East Indies.

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