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Annelies Verbeke

Annelies Verbeke - foto Alex Salinas
Annelies Verbeke - foto Alex Salinas

(Belgium, 1976) writes novels, film scripts and plays. She debuted in 2003 with Slaap! (Sleep!), about a woman going to pieces from insomnia. More than 75,000 copies were sold, and the book was published in 22 countries. In 2007 she published Groener grass (Greener Grass), fifteen stories about ordinary people who maintain alternative lifestyles. In 2012's Veronderstellingen (Assumptions), stories are linked via recurring characters and common themes. Since 2003, Verbeke has freelanced for publications like De Standard, De Morgen and NRC Handelsblad. She also produced night portraits for the magazine Goedele, which were compiled in 2011 under the title Wakker (Awake) together with six portraits and photos by Charlie De Keersmaecker. Verbeke regularly appears at festivals at home and abroad, and in 2009 she went on the road with Te Gek Voor Woorden (Too Crazy for Words), a literary tour of psychiatry. Her novel Dertig dagen (Thirty Days) was chosen best book of 2015 by the readers of NRC Handelsblad newspaper. She will receive the F. Bordewijk Prize for this book at the festival.


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