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Andries van der Leij

Andries van der Leij
Andries van der Leij

is senior researcher at Neurensics, a research and advice company for neuro-marketing: design, analysis and reports of custom fMRI neuromarketing studies and products.

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  • Baas in eigen brein?

    Who reigns over my brain?

    With: Abdelkader Benali, Andries van der Leij, Katinka Baehr, Simon van Gaal

    Productiegegevens The first in a series of science debates: Science Unlimited The Series. In this programme three distinguished guests talk about free will. Does it exist or not? Kathinka Baehr (VPRO) leads the conversation between neuro psychologist Simon van Gaal, neuro-marketing researcher Andries van der Leij and writer Abdelkader Benali.
    The programme is in Dutch, and made by Writers Unlimited (Ger Wieberdink) and Bibliotheek Den Haag. Sponsored by the Municipality of The Hague.