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André Klukhuhn

André Klukhuhn - foto Serge Ligtenberg 2004
André Klukhuhn - foto Serge Ligtenberg 2004

(Amsterdam, 1943) is director of Studium Generale at the University of Utrecht. In 2003 his book De geschiedenis van het denken (The history of thinking)was published. In this book Klukhuhn scetches the history of the sciences, philosophy of science and technology and establishes a connection with general philosophy, literature and visual art. Dr. André Klukhuhn studied physical chemistry at the university of Amsterdam and obtained his doctorate in 1973. In 1993 he made a futile attempt to return his doctorate in protest against the government policy concerning the university. In 1995 his book Sterf oude wereld (Die old world) was published, a predecessor to De geschiedenis van het denken.

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  • Winternachten 2004

    The future is not a fairy-tale

    With: André Klukhuhn, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, Joke van Leeuwen, Manon Uphoff, Michaël Zeeman, Said el Haji, Thea Doelwijt

    Once apon a time there was a girl, that climbed to the top of a tower of books, high above the clouds. What is the view like up there? Is she safe? What will become of her? Authors Manon Uphoff and Thea Doelwijt, writer and performer Said El Haji, philosopher and writer André Klukhuhn, author and stand-up comedian Joke van Leeuwen and poet and rebel Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer wrote a fairy-tale for her. They give her a future, perhaps they will even present her with an ideal. Will she be happy? Listen to six adult fairy-tales and a conversation with the writers, led by Michaël Zeeman.