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Alit Djajasoebrata

(1935) was born in Bandung, Indonesia, and consciously witnessed the Japanese occupation and the bersiap-period. As a child she fled the force of war and took to the mountains with her parents. Before the war, her father had been a member of the Volksraad (People's Council) in the Dutch East Indies. She came to the Netherlands in December of 1949. She studied cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Until 2001 she worked as a curator at the Museum voor Land- en Volkenkunde in Rotterdam. Alit grew up amid Dutch and Sundanese culture and has ouspoken ideas about the Sundanese language and culture. On 11 January she discusses these topics with the Sundanese poet Ajip Rosidi and journalist Hawé Setiawan.

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  • Winternachten 2007 – Art Deko(lonisatie)

    Sonologic landscape

    Languages clash and mingle in the new country. Composer Jos Janssen put poems by the famous Sundanese author Ajip Rosidi to wonderful electronic sounds. The Sundanese journalist and editor Hawé Setiawan talked to Rosidi and the Sundanese/Dutch art historian Alit Djajasoebrata - who translated the poems into Dutch - about language, decolonisation and alienation of the mother tongue.