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Abeltje Hoogenkamp

Abeltje Hoogenkamp - foto Willy Slingerland
Abeltje Hoogenkamp - foto Willy Slingerland

(1969) is a pastor and a spiritual worker in the Amsterdam Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital. Hoogenkamp is a member of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) and distinguishes herself with her committed performances in various articles and debates on social themes. She studied theology at the University of Amsterdam and followed the postdoctoral pastor training of the Dutch Reformed Church in Leiden. In addition to her work in the hospital she delivers sermons in 'ordinary' churches. In May 2006 she won the public award in the 'Sermon of the Year' competition, organised by NCRV (a protestant radio and tv channel) and Trouw (a protestant daily paper).


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  • Winternachten 2008 – Winternachten zaterdagavond

    Between Fear and Hope Part 3: art and religion

    The conclusion of the tryptich. After science, literature and architecture we now enter the fields of religion and music, and the writer has the final say. 'Hope' doesn't merely have to be aimed at the future, tradition can also play a vital role. But to what extent do our cultural traditions still have any power of expression? In her work clergywoman and hospital chaplain Abeltje Hoogenkamp makes use of religious conventions. For composer Peter-Jan Wagemans Wagner is the composer who succeeds in expressing human emotions at the highest level. Wagemans will play his musical hope on the piano. Does writer Adriaan van Dis know the saving power of tradition? In his seven part documentary, to be seen on tv in January, Van Dis returns to southern Africa, to countries he once visited as a travel writer. In Dutch.