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Aad van den Heuvel

Aad van den Heuvel - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Aad van den Heuvel - foto Serge Ligtenberg

(Rotterdam, 1935) is a well known Dutch television maker and presentator, and alongside this he has worked for many years as an author of travel stories, columns and thrillers. He started his journalistic career as a sport reporter for the radio. Later as television journalist he made many reports in Africa, Latin America and Asia for the current affairs programme Brandpunt of the KRO. In 1967, together with Ed van Westerloo, he made the much talked about interview with president Soekarno, that went into television history titled 'I know what you are up to!' President Suharto was also interviewed by van den Heuvel. Alongside Brandpunt Aad van den Heuvel made his reputation with such television programmes as Van Speijk Show , Alles is anders show and Ook dat nog!
WIN 2004

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  • Winternachten 2004 – WINTERNACHT 1

    Indonesia: the hidden history of 1965.

    The events around the removal of Soekarno by Suharto in 1965 leave many unanswered questions. Who was behind the coup and the violent consequences? In Indonesia only now the stories are being heard of the murders and persecution of thousands of assumed communists. Tv journalist and writer Aad van den Heuvel was present at that time and wrote about this in one of his books. In this programme he described the dubious role inthe preparations of the coup of the Dutch priest Beek. He and the Indonesian exiles Isa Ibrahim and Franciska Fanggideaj illuminated this hidden history. Including historical film fragments from Indonesia. Paul van der Gaag (presentor of the VPRO's O.V.T. programme) was the panel chairman. Dutch language.