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Aad Nuis

Aad Nuis - 1998
Aad Nuis - 1998

(Sliedrecht, 1933) grew up in Rotterdam, he studied political and social science in Amsterdam, and wrote poetry in the meantime. His studies resulted in a long term membership of Dutch parliament, and finally in the function of Secretary of State for culture and media. His collection of essays on literature and literary criticism Een stem in je hoofd (A voice in your head) was published in 1989. De balenkraai (Crow of bales, 1967) is about the period in New Guinea where he was sent during his military duty (1962). In these personal chronicles, Nuis observes and describes the world around him with mild irony. He met Breyten Breytenbach during an anti-apartheids manifestation and would later translated his Alles één paard (All one horse, 1989).
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