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Winternachten Festival online 13-17 January 2021

Affiche Winternachten internationaal literatuurfestival Den Haag 2021 - vormgeving: Eindeloos
Affiche Winternachten internationaal literatuurfestival Den Haag 2021 - vormgeving: Eindeloos

Winternachten international literature festival The Hague presents its 26th edition in the form of an online, two-part 'slow festival'. First we present from Wednesday 13 to Sunday 17 January five carefully composed online programmes that we will broadcast live. During the second part, next Spring, we bring a series of online programmes along the same thematic threads. The complete festival programme and tickets will be available from 16 December on

Even though the form is different, Winternachten Festival gives a strong boost to the social and cultural debate through language and literature. What's more: we offer a literary detox in the cold January days.

Because of the current COVID-19 measures, we opt for the form of a slow festival. If the measures are relaxed, we will be able to invite our audience back to these Spring programmes. Until then, this second part consists of online events and publications such as podcasts, filmed lectures and workshops.

'It's Up to Us' is festival theme
The central question for our time is how we come together as a society. We are regularly called upon to show solidarity with each other. We have to join forces; do it together. But which 'together' are we talking about? How inclusive is this 'us'? Questions that both Black Lives Matter and the climate movement address; also the corona crisis makes it clear this 'us' is not an easy matter. And is it really up to us? Therefore Winternachten festival 2021 will have 'It's Up to Us' as slogan and theme.

Programmes about climate & imagination, feminism, peace of mind & solidarity, activism
'It's Up to Us' (in Dutch: 'Het is aan ons') will be explored during the festival by writers, poets, spoken word artists, performers and journalists from all over the world. Each festival programme will approach this theme from a different angle. These angles will be #Back to Earth (climate and imagination), #The Future is Female (feminism), #Soulcare (peace of mind and solidarity) and #Still We Rise (activism). curated by our programme makers Meltem Halaceli, Gerlinda Heywegen, Fleur Jeras, Joëlle Koorneef, Nisrine Mbarki and Ilonka Reintjens.

Podcast: The Asterisk Conversations
We will soon be offering a sneak peek of the Winternachten programme #Still We Rise, with The Asterisk Conversations, a series of four podcasts by Simon*e van Saarloos. In the first podcast Van Saarloos speaks with Jamaican-Canadian sf and fantasy author Nalo Hopkinson (US); to which writer and activist Tirsa With (Netherlands) responds by means of a lecture.

Winternachten 2021 met o.a. Salena Godden, Koleka Putuma, Arnon Grunberg
The authors contributing to the Winternachten Festival 2021 will be, among others: poet and spoken word-icon Salena Godden (UK, a.o. Pessimism is for Lightweights), South African poet and performer Koleka Putuma (a.o. Collective Amnesia), and writer Samanta Schweblin (Argentina/Germany, a.o. Little Eyes). Dutch-language authors participating include Arnon Grunberg, Annemarie Estor, Babah Tarawally, Eva Meijer, Babeth Fonchie and Jens Meijen.

Posted on: Thursday 12 November 2020