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Shoot Inheritance at bookstore De Vries Van Stockum

Babeth Fonchie | opname Erfstukken  - foto: Joelle Koorneef
Babeth Fonchie | opname Erfstukken - foto: Joelle Koorneef

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On Friday, April 30, we present the free (online) Inheritance program as the launch of the paper edition. Today we recorded very pleasant conversations in bookshop De Vries Van Stockum in The Hague with four authors and illustrators involved: Eva Meijer, Fleur Kotten, Babeth Fonchie and Jessica Bacuna. Very special because today is also Babeth Fonchie's birthday and because the bookshop was reopened for the first time since the lockdown! The makers have also signed ten copies of Inheritance each: be quick. The paper edition Inheritance is in Dutch and exclusively available through the store and webshop of De Vries Van Stockum. Please read the English translation here.

Watch the (free) program Inheritance from Friday 30 April at 4:00 PM via; program in Dutch.

Posted on: Wednesday 28 April 2021