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Literary support for the Istanbul-Convention

Meltem Halaceli - foto Koos Breukel
Meltem Halaceli - foto Koos Breukel

Author Meltem Halaceli created The Female Convention for the online Winternachten festival, a programme in which writers speak about the need to support the Istanbul Convention (the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence). Learn more about why she chose this topic and who participates.

Winternachten festival programmer Meltem Halaceli says about her programme The Female Convention:

"Özgecan Aslan, Pinar Gultekin and Emine Bulut: names of three Turkish women who have been brutally murdered in recent years. The tragic thing is that this list is much longer. Nearly 500 women were murdered in Turkey last year, breaking a worldwide undesirable record. The death of student Özgecan Aslan opened a Pandora's box. A new national consciousness blossomed among women and men: femicides must stop.

And something else happened: an unprecedentedly high number of women revealed their unwanted sexual experiences with #sende anlat (also tell). The idea that domestic violence would be far-fetched is misleading.

In Eastern Europe, too, there is a fierce battle for women's self-determination and the current Covid19 crisis is probably causing an increase in domestic violence in the Netherlands as well.

In this light, the Istanbul Convention is a shining beacon, for it stipulates that the approach to violence against women and domestic violence must be combated preventatively. In the eyes of many people, this convention must be protected against conservative politicians and organisations that tinker with it. It is up to us to take a stand on this and to give the Convention literary eloquence.

In The Female Convention, author Dilâra Gürcü, opinion maker Mona Eltahawy and writer Zsófia Bán show us how, with the sharpness and imagination of language, they claim women's rights.

Kaouthar Darmoni (director of Atria Institute on gender equality and women's history in Amsterdam) and Nazmiye Oral (actor and writer) explain how they use their voice and position as public figures to fight violence against women.

Finally, with author and cultural sociologist Mithu Sanyal (Germany), we dig in deeper and try to come to a new way of dealing with and thinking about violence. Philosopher and theatre maker Laura van Dolron will report in a unique way on the online interactions during the programme".

Online Winternachten internationaal literature festival The Hague 2021
#TheFutureIsFemale: The Female Convention
Friday 15 January 2021, 20:30-21:45 hours, live stream/English spoken
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Posted on: Tuesday 29 December 2020