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Listen to the Fixdit Podcast about Lin Scholte's 'Bibi Koetis voor altijd'

Fixdit podcast Bibi Koetis voor altijd, Lin Scholte - ontwerp Writers Unlimited
Fixdit podcast Bibi Koetis voor altijd, Lin Scholte - ontwerp Writers Unlimited

Lin Scholte forever! Writers collective Fixdit and Writers Unlimited, in collaboration with de Gids, made a special podcast episode about the novel 'Bibi Koetis voor altijd' by Indisch writer Lin Scholte, with a live audience in Museum Sophiahof. Listen to the podcast here, or watch the video registration.

Indisch author Lin Scholte (1921-1997) was born in Batudjadjar, the daughter of a Dutch father and a Javanese mother. Scholte described life around the Indisch barracks and the experiences of KNIL soldiers and their families from the inside, focusing on four generations of women. In rhythmic, precise wording Scholte draws the environment, the barracks customs and the strong family ties, but also how history intervenes in the lives of all of them. Her second book, Bibi Koetis voor altijd (1974), focuses on aunt (bibi) Koetis. Vilan van de Loo released the collected works of Lin Scholte in 2007, which includes this novel.

In this fifth episode of the Fixdit podcast, writers and podcast hosts Jannah Loontjens and Annelies Verbeke talk to writers Gustaaf Peek and Vilan van de Loo about this extraordinary work, which provides a unique insight into the colonial period in Indonesia and its aftermath.

The episode is part of the long-running series 'Modern Classics', in which every two months a remarkable literary work is highlighted, written by a woman.

Posted on: Tuesday 25 January 2022