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Benjamin Fro - foto Colin Hill
Benjamin Fro - foto Colin Hill

We will of course also introduce you to the best makers of a young generation online. Every year our editorial team proves to have an excellent antenna for spotting yet unknown literary and musical talent. In January we would like to give the digital floor to inspiring makers of Generation Z, of which we would like to introduce a few to you.

Mix the beats of Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper with the message of Bob Marley, Logic and Laurynn Hill and you get the Amsterdam singer-songrapper Benjamin Fro! His music brings together different genres and is always groovy and danceable. Since he released his first solo album Talk About Life about four years ago, he has more than 400K streams on Spotify! In 2019 Fro scored with the EP In the City, about identity, gentrification, love and spirituality in a world where money and status come first, followed in 2020 by his EP I Love Them.
Meet Benjamin Fro on Thursday, January 14 in the program Still We Rise: Writing Climate (In) justice

Gil Gomes Leal is a striking figure in the international dance world: not only is he known for his creative and innovative ways of expressing himself with dance - in 2013 he became world champion in experimental dancing; his life story also literally illustrates how dancing can be a way of survival. With his company Amenti Collective, founded in Rotterdam in 2016, he uses dance to help others with, for example, psychological problems.
Meet Gil Gomes Leal on Sunday, January 17 in the program Soul Care: Radical Happiness

Sanam Sheriff is a queer poet and artist from Bangalore, India. In 2018 she graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA in Creative Writing. She was a 2018-2019 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, a 2018 Pushcart Prize Nominee, and the winner of the 2018 Button Poetry Video Contest. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Virginia Quarterly Review, The Offing, Vinyl Poetry & Prose, The Academy of American Poets, The Shade Journal, DW B, and elsewhere. She is currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at Washington University in St. Louis, where she is poetry editor for The Spectacle Magazine. Sheriff impressed the audience in 2018 during her very first performances in the Netherlands at the Winternachten international literature festival The Hague.
Meet Sanam Sheriff on Thursday, January 14 in the program Still We Rise: Writing Climate (In) justice

The talented singer-songwriter Shishani is loved for her smooth and powerful voice. Her roots are in Namibia and Belgium, but she grew up mainly in the Netherlands. She brings these worlds together in her work. Her music is comforting and shows a strong social awareness. She founded the all female band Miss Catharsis in 2019. As an anthropologist (BA) and musicologist (MA) she has specialized in contemporary Namibian urban music.
Meet Shishani on Saturday January 16 in the program Back to Earth: Tout-monde (Whole World)

Koleka Putuma is a poet, performer and theatre artist. She knocked out the South African literary scene with her debut collection Collective Amnesia (2017), which became a bestseller immediately upon publication. Putuma is seen as an important young voice of South African poetry. She belongs to a generation without memories of apartheid, but which is still dealing with its consequences and repercussions daily. Thus, her work probes themes such as race, homophobia, womxnhood, and the workings of power structures in relationships, religion and politics. Her poetry is daring and inventive, not only in structure and language but also in form - sometimes they are only one line long. She is the founder and director of Manyano Media, an organization that produces and promotes the work and stories of queer black artists and queer life. 
Meet Koleka Putuma on Sunday January 17 in the program Soul Care: Radical Happiness

Vocalist and singer of soul, jazz and pop songs Bahghi released her debut EP Sunshine's Got the Blues in 2019 together with bassist Vincent Arp with songs about "letting go of what you think you need to be and trusting that everything will be fine. if you stay connected to the core of life: love. "
Meet Bahghi on Sunday January 17 in the program Soul Care: Radical Happiness

Posted on: Friday 18 December 2020