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Connecting writers with each other, with scientists, thinkers and with their audiences, across borders of cultures and countries. That is the mission of Writers Unlimited. We do this in an annual international literature festival (Winternachten festival), monthly panel-discussions in The Hague (B-Unlimited), and in tours across the world (Writers Unlimited Network).

During those encounters, they exchange - before an audience and amongst each other - their work, their experiences, dreams and ideas. In all languages and in all its cultural diversity. These encounters are celebrations of the word, feasts of discovery and recognition, with an open eye for everything that globalisation means for society.

Poster / affiche beeld speciaal t.b.v.festivalwebsite (1200x405px) Winternachten festival 2019 - foto Stephanie Jager, Jager & Kokemor Photography, ontwerp Eindeloos

This motley gathering of intellectuals and artists, poets and dreamers, with all our vulnerabilities and foolishness and frustrations ... this is the real life, not fantasy; it is not an aberration from outer space.

Michel Faber, Winternachten 2017


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