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Books Unlimited: Mohsin Hamid and Leïla Slimani

Friday Night Unlimited -
Books Unlimited met Leïla Slimani en Mohsin Hamid
Books Unlimited met Leïla Slimani en Mohsin Hamid

A unique opportunity to meet two young, international literary stars and hear about their books, which have recently become available in the Netherlands. NRC newspaper literary critic Margo Dijkgraaf one on one interviews Leila Slimani (France) and Mohsin Hamid (Pakistan) about their motivation to write, the source of their characters, and the worldwide success of their books.

Slimani won France's Prix Goncourt for Chanson Douce, her razor-sharp thriller about a killer nanny. The writer and journalist is currently getting lots of attention in France as well as Morocco with Sexe et mensonges, her collection of taboo-busting interviews with Moroccan women about sexuality.

Hamid became known with his bestseller The Reluctant Fundamentalist that was later turned into a film, about a Pakistani man who decides to give up his life in the US after a failed love affair and the events of 9/11. In his newest novel Exit West, shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize, a couple in love amid war and migration finds an escape route to the West via secret doors.